Officer Positions

Vice President of Student Development

The job of the VP of Student Development is to organize, manage, and host SPO's events and programs targeted at developing members' skills. The Student Development officer also works closely with the VP of Alumni Relations to recruit Alumni for events and host the SPO Coffee Chats podcast. This position is very focused on organizing and hosting large events, so one should be comfortable with and eager to gain experience in public speaking and communication. Events and duties usually include: - Resume Workshop - Mock Interview - Career Fair Prep - Various Personal Development Workshops (2-3) - Co-hosting the SPO Coffee Chats podcast with Alumni Relations

Vice President of Public Relations

The main tasks of the VP of Public Relations are the Socials, Philanthropy Events, and Banquet. Along with helping the team in whatever is needed throughout the semester. Some of the key responsibilities include: - Planning engaging events for the members - Communicating and collaborating with other organizations to host events - Thinking outside the box to create new and engaging events - Quickly adapt to new citations - Willing to help other officers on the team when needed

Vice President of Finance

The VP of Finance is responsible for handling money and expenses for the organization. This is a senior level position that requires attention to detail and organization. The VP of Finance handles payments and monitoring spend through keeping expense reports and assuring that the organization stays within the assigned budget. This position is only open to candidates who were on the officer team the previous semster. Additional duties overseen usually include: - Booking room reservations - Parking passes for in-person events - Checking the mailbox

Vice President of Logistics

The Vice President of Logistics role requires a great commitment to the organization. The main task is to ensure that the operations of every event for every officer goes as smoothly as possible. The main responsibilities will include: - Updating member points through excel - Putting together safety moments for general meetings - Managing a committee alongside the VP of Procurement - Organizing shipments through excel - Replenishing SPO inventory - Willingness to help the officer team when needed

Vice President of Campus Activities

The VP of Campus Acitvites is responsible for fundraising to help raise finances for the organization, so that the funding will be directly used to give back to the members. Another task includes being responsible for member engagement in a fun and exciting atmosphere! Events and duties include: - Hosting game nights and other fun socials to increase member engagement - Tailgates during football season (under safe conditions) - Putting together teams for Intramural Sports - Hosting fundraising events by collaborating with different restaurants - Hosting bake sales during in-person school environment

Vice President of Alumni Relations

The job of the VP of Alumni relations is to organize and manage the alumni mentorship program, plant tours, and various workshops. Events and duties usually include: - Host the Mentorship Program - Host Plant Tours/ Alternative Workshop events - Host Alumni Tailgate (during safe conditions and in-person school environment) - Co-Host/Edit SPO Coffee Chats podcast with the VP of student development - Sign-up Alumni for Student Development workshops - Prepare Alumni Mentors appreciation packages - Keep in constant communication with Alumni

Vice President of Information Technology

The job of the VP of Information Technology is to maintain, innovate, and enhance the website through modernization to create a positive website experience. Key responsibilities include: - Constantly update the website with new event flyers in the slideshow and events tab - Think of new and innovative ideas to create more user-friendly website - Approve website member accounts and cross-reference with paid member list - Manage committee throughout the semester - Check emails and answer member questions - Willing to help other officers on the team if needed

Vice President of Marketing

The VP of Marketing position entails attracting members to our organization and increase member engagement through events. Throughout the semster you are in charge of running all the social media accounts and create flyers for every SPO event that will be shared through our newsletter, website, and all of our socials. Key responsibilities include: - Attend Rush Week, Cat's back, Cougar Carnival, and Cub Camp to speak to students about SCM and how SPO can help them develop professionally and socially - In charge of all social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, and Youtube - Create attractive flyers that will be used on website, newsletter, and social media accounts - Managing committee throughout the semester - Willingness to help the officer team if needed

Vice President of Procurement

The VP of Procurement requires a great commitment to the organization throughout the semster. The main tasks are to gather all materials needed related to SPO, set up and break down in-person events, and manage SPO office hours. Key responsibilitites include: - Purchase all goods related to SPO, including officer uniforms, member t shirts, name tags, and food - Purchase, receive and set up food for in-person events - Coordinate with VP of Logistics to set up and break down events - Set up a time for online SPO Office Hours and ensure that they run smoothly throughout the semester - Manage committee alongside the VP of Logistics - Willingness to help officer team if needed

Vice President of Communications

As the VP of Communications, one should be a friendly face who is passionate about bringing our organization closer to its members. The main task include creating and sending out newsletter, organize Dr. Wayhan's SCM 101 + A-Z meetings, and organize Dr. Wayhan's advising. Key responsibilities include: - Act as a focal point of communications between the members and the organization - Serve as the mode of contact to reach out to Bauer professors for officer announcements during Rush Week - Create and send out weekly newsletters to inform members about upcoming events - Take photos during all SPO events - Organize and host Dr. Wayhan's SCM 101 and A-Z meetings - Organize and create signup links for Dr. Wayhan's 1-on-1 advising

Vice President of Corporate Relations

The job of the Vice President of Corporate Services is to organize and put together the logistics for Bauer SPO's largest recruiting events. The officer is also responsible for working closely with SPO Central and company recruiters in order to ensure smooth and beneficial recruiting events for everyone. This position is very focused on aligning and guiding both the students and company recruiters throughout the semester. The student holding the position should be comfortable communicating with both recruiters and students in a professional, respectful manner. Key responsibilities include: - Organizing and hosting SPO's career fair and career mixers - Host Pre-Mixers to introduce students to career mixer process - Act as a focal point of communication between recruiters and organization - Work closely with SPO central for recruiting events - Managing committee throughout the semester - Willingess to help officer team if needed

Vice President of Family Relations

The VP of Family Relations is a new position and will be open to a past officer or SPO family mentor. The main task of this position is to organize, manage, and host events for SPO's family program and focus on the relationship between students and the mentors. The officer must establish a fun and social environment for students to freely communicate and socialize with each other comfortably. Key responsibilities include: - Interviewing next semester's family mentors with another senior leader - Hosting family mentor orietation, family kick-off, and family finale - Pair up mentees and mentors based on questionnaire - Manage committee throughout the semester - Keep track of new members throughout semster and add them to program - Willingness to help officer team if needed