Why Should I Join SPO?

- Throughout the semester, SPO offers a variety of events to further enhance and guide our students in the field of supply chain management. Our many events include, an SCM career fair, mentorship program, career mixers, student development workshops, and many more! Also, we offer exclusive advising with Dr. Wayhan for students looking for advice in the field of Supply Chain Management! Click here to learn more about events

Who Is Dr. Wayhan?

- Dr. Wayhan is the Faculty advisor for our student organization. He came to UH in 2005, and created many of the Supply Chain courses we use today as a PHD student. In 2008, he helped create SPO.

- Furthermore, Dr. Wayhan is a great source of guidance when it comes to understanding Supply Chain and planning your career. He is passionate about helping students succeed in the Supply Chain field.

- To learn more about Supply Chain, please attend the A-Z meeting and the SCM 101 meetings that are usually offered at the beginning of the semester!

Who can join SPO?

- SPO welcomes all majors and students who are not part of the Bauer College of Business. Whether you are here to network or improve on your business skills, we are happy to guide you along your journey. - To become a member click on “Become a Member” tab, then click “pay here"!

How to keep updated with SPO?

- Newsletter ( subscribe here) - GroupMe (Email communications@bauerspo.org for the link) - Social Media ( Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

What is Sourcing & Procurement?

- Procurement can be described as the activities used to acquired goods and services for your business stakeholders to fulfill their business needs. - Sourcing is a subset of procurement where we can defined it as the process of identifying, evaluating and selecting a supplier to fulfill those goods and services for companies stakeholders.

What is the SPO website account for?

- After purchasing an SPO membership, new members must create a new account on our website in order to check their points throughout the semster. It may take a couple days to get your account verified by our IT officer, because we will need to confirm that you have a paid membership. Please be patient with us! - Returning members are not required to create a new account after purchasing a membership. -The member points tab will only appear once you login to your account and it has been verified. You will recieve an email once your account has been approved.