Educational Enrichment Program

We have a wonderful opportunity for our SCM majors!

Description: This internationally recognized certificate program provides the foundation in contracts management. . The program is all online through educational modules, and members who get accepted will have a year to complete them.

2.Watershed Associates Negotiation
Description: For those that apply and are accepted, Watershed will host a 2 day workshop in Fall 19′ where members will be professionally trained on the strategies of negotiation.

3.The Humphrey Group Leadership
Description: The Humphrey Group provides a one day workshop during the Spring semester that introduces tools to improve executive presence and overall leadership ability. This event is highly interactive and a great asset to both students and seasoned industry professionals alike. This group is revered world wide by companies as a leader in teaching effective communication skills for leaders of all types.

4.Executive Mentorship Program
Description: This program pairs EEP students with an executive that sits on the Bauer SPO Executive Council. These mentorships provide an opportunity to receive advice on career paths, resumes, interviews, and any other topics deemed important by the participants. This is a rare opportunity to receive guidance from the leaders of industry including CPO’s, VP’s and other high level Supply Chain professionals that are invested in improving students lives and preparing them for future successes.


These four educational opportunities are internationally recognized and will give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. Below are the links to programs to learn more about. Feel free to reach out to Lorrine Taylor ( with any questions you may have.

-UH Bauer SCM major
-Senior: graduating in 2 or 3 semesters
-Bauer SPO Member
-Resume/Transcript submitted to Dr. Wayhan
-Personal interview with Dr. Wayhan
-Academic advising each semester
-Complete Core 6 SCM courses
-Complete Required SCM electives
-Complete Four Educational Enrichment Modules

If you are interested email your resumes and unofficial transcript to

Deadline : 2/12/2021