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The Bauer Sourcing & Procurement Organization is the top student organization for Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston C.T Bauer College of Business. Bauer SPO loves to put members first.

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Bauer SPO is the premier student organization for Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business. Since 2008, we have been tirelessly dedicated to our Vision:

“Producing the most professional and knowledgeable Sourcing and Procurement students.”


In order to understand the purpose and goals of the Bauer Sourcing & Procurement Student Organization, we have composed a Mission Statement:

“To provide our members with the resources to become professionals at major corporations through career opportunities, business networking, industry knowledge, professional development”

SPO hosts a series of events throughout the semester (General Meetings), where major corporations are invited to share their wisdom and insights on SCM in their particular industrial setting (e.g. oil and gas or technology), SCM roles in their organization, and where SCM is heading in the future.  Many companies bring a host of executives to theses events, so there are plenty of representatives, along with hundreds of SCM students, to meet and network with after the presentation.


SPO helps to augment classroom instruction with practical opportunities to gain experiential knowledge.  These opportunities include plant/facility tours, open case competitions written and sponsored by industry partners, and, in some cases, even industry certifications/workshops through our Educational Enrichment Program (EEP).

The Student Development Program (SDP), in conjunction with our industry partners, provides our SPO members with opportunities to improve their resumes, learn to interview more effectively, and to enhance their communication/presentation skills, to name but a few of these opportunities.  SPO typically has only two years to get you ready for the corporate world; our SDP team and industry partners work diligently to provide you with a pathway to success. But ultimately, your level of participation in these programs will largely determine your level of benefit and how far you make it down the pathway of success.


Although our organization does not guarantee your next employment opportunity, we strive to present a comfortable setting for you to market yourself by hosting variety of General Meetings and Mixers